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tv   Book Discussion  CSPAN  October 20, 2014 1:42am-1:57am EDT

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could do that kind of thing with the press that she ran with her husband but here you could see those that don't appear and the published version she always struck of blue crayon line to write a little nose to herself. but in this particular case she has a couple of diary entries. for march 9th she writes i observe today from my other books but instead will have to loosen before also three times the speed. most of the drafts are radical and very tight and
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in this case their unfinished it is a cathartic experience for her writing about the relationship with her parents. >> to see one more thing over here but is this available or do we get a special to work? >> guest: the collection is here for researchers who need to study the papers. >> would one have to apply to see the virginia woolf manuscript? >> the bound manuscripts we don't even bring out for researchers because of the fragility but it is on record fell but we use that for exhibitions for displays
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that is how the general public gets access through those special presentations. >> host: would you like to see those on line? >> actually there is a substantial robust virginia woolf website that does contain a said digital images of that manuscript. here is one of charles dickens his chair in his lamp retrofitted for electricity in his calendar said to the day he died. the story goes with the berg collection opened october 40
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but through oral tradition in the mayor being rather robust sadness is this chair and burst through the cane. supposedly that is the only non original part of this chair. >> host: but that is not documented? >> guest: not in any way but that is passed through oral tradition. >> host: thank you for showing us your collection. >> guest: my pleasure
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talks about his career in public service ranging from his years as a u.s. representative from california to his most recent post as secretary of defense. this is about an hour 15. [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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>> good evening. their cue for coming. i of the deputy director of defense up politics & prose bookstore like to think by saying a ours is a cherished british appear in the throes of another dynamic season of the events together. please check out our website for more information and also host defense on connecticut avenue location and our offer cultural trips in a book clubs. please stop by to visit but we have the honor to welcome leon panetta who has a long and storied career as a public servant. he was elected to the u.s. congress to represent the congressional district for 16 years of active as president clinton's director
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and as the chief of staff and founded the institute for public policy in june 2009 the director of the ncaa he served as the 23rd united states secretary of defense under obama. he a simmons his life and political legacy with the focus of his time as secretary of defense that unwavering sense of morality is off every page he comes across as a man will never shirked a fight he thought was right chief white house correspondent from "politico" and the man
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behind the playbook my kids the man the white house wakes up to he has read for publications including "time" magazine "washington post" and "new york times" as bob woodward's declared you don't have to do anything else. a very lively a conversation when we will invite you to join with questions. please help me to welcome leon panetta and mike allen. [applause] faq very much welcome to all of you that our here's some of you pointed out thises ises more expensive than hbo we will make this
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worthwhile. so mr. secretary before we start anyone you want to say hello to? >> above to say hello to my rabbi. [laughter] my chief of staff. [applause] and jerry's parents are here as well. >> i want to thank politics & prose into all of you in the balcony but from the california -- cia the press
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secretary so what is left? >> i am waiting for the post position to open up. [laughter] i enjoy to be back home in the valley i have a grandchild there and it is nice to be whole working with a different set but with those life experiences they are enviable but not everyone agrees with each other. >> we were all kinds of bachelor's back here when we came back to washington and
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george miller had a house on the hill and he finally said why don't we stayed together? so we moved into his house in the guy named to marty russo did chuck schumer and eyebrow on the bottom floor he slept on the couch but this truly was an old house. [laughter] and chuck was the kind of person where every once in awhile would come back and stayed with me if he would buy cereal because we didn't have it meet.
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he would buy cereal for himself and he shivered would eat the diem cereal before bet. [laughter] my son would always wake up and say what happened to my serial? i said i'm sorry. it is schumer. so that is an early lesson. >> host: so for so many of us with those aspects you go back to the beginning when you were running for congress but if you talk about tip o'neill as the speaker came out to campaign for you but did not go so well. >> guest: it was wonderful to have him the big guy richman from boston in he did a fund-raiser with democrats and he said i want
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you to do everything possible to work for leo panetta. he said it several times. and we took in stride because he was enjoying himself. but from then on when i did get elected and it went to congress, another congressman was japanese-american and tip would causally called me norm and would call him the on. but that carter white house would screwed up as well. the carter white house monday italian prime minister came to town they
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flew norma to the white house when the japanese prime minister they invited me. finally we put a baseball team together and played under this sign of the rising pizza. [laughter] >> host: one thing we see in the book mr. secretary with the president clinton crime bill we saw that in speaker o'neill as the effective speaker but what is it that he did that you did then that is now missing? >> guest: they would roll up their sleeves and wanted to get it done. tip o'neill was political, a democrat from boston, all politics is local.


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